Do you have a best friend?

Best friends are much more personal and special than regular friends. You may have one, or you may not have one yet, or you may be wondering if you do or don't. So let's see with this quiz ;)

Best friends are a big part of life, not just something small. They're something to treasure and never take for granted. They play a huge role, and everyone needs one. Do you have one? Take the quiz!

Created by: Isaiah
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  1. Have you always wanted:
  2. Is there someone that you can cry with, share all thoughts, and to not be afraid to tell them you love him/her (as an incredible one-of-a-kind friend that you're so lucky and glad to have)?
  3. Do you think you have to be alike to be best friends?
  4. If you have a "best friend", have they ever started liking someone else a little more?
  5. Does your best friend say they like something you like, but you think they're not being completely honest?
  6. Is your best friend of the same gender? If so, is he/she afraid to hug you or tell you how much they love and appreciate you?
  7. If your best friend got a boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancee, would your friendship start to lose it's importance?
  8. Are you your best friend's best friend?
  9. Does it look like you're going to be best friends for life?
  10. If your best friend gets married, will you be best man/maid of honor?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a best friend?