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  • i have a bff Ik we have not been bffs for a long time we have been bffs fo 10 months i moved schools and she was my first friend and before i left my old school my ex brst friend stopped our friendship and my bff rn is the BEST at school on the bus she hugged me for like 10 min strait and i loved it my ex bff never did that and the bff i have now is AMAZING i love her i have a boyfriend and she also had one but i still have time for my best friend and my bf knows my bff so we sre chill i know that my bff won't date my bf bc well she hates him kinda so i have had my beat moments with her and if we ever stop being bffs imma cry so freakin much bc she means the world to me we have planned our future together i get married to my bf and she gets married to hers and we all become friends and our kids also become friends hope u enjoyed this story byes!!!

  • im hella confused.

    i rlly dont believe in the notion of "a singular bestie"

    but sometimes i feel that i lack one. all of my friends have their own main best friend. my supposed bff and i have been besties for around 11 years....but we just dont have the spark i feel with my other friends. we cannot do childish stuff together. i play in the

    school basketball team, and one of my classmates is also in the starting 5. we are extremely, close, but with her, i really cannot just talk abt deep stuff. ive got a guy best friend and i can talk to him happily, but we rarely get to spend time. ive got two other girls s a part of a supposed trio, but they two are way closer and i always kin of feel left out. im a part of many friend cicrles my best friend doesnt even know of. its like we just co exist peacefully, without any spark to our friendship. and that is what i hate. i want her to be honest and sassy with me so that we can stay up late having convos. but it doesnt just *happen*.

  • My best friend doesn't treat me like his best friend even he don't miss me at any case..

    • its ok ik how that feels you will find someone better trust me

  • i also forgot to say that we text a lot and facetime we have gone to places together so ye

  • I'm happy that I have my BFF we've been friends for about 13 years and we're both 15

  • I have average friends :l true never really had a bff

    • I have average friends too but not a true bff and I always new it cuz I have some trust issues so yeah and actually I kinda did this quiz cuz I played a game and my question was "according to you do I think I have a bff "and my "bestie" answered yes but unfortunately she was wrong and I was kinda sad and decided to do this quiz cuz I thought that maybe I was wrong the whole time but now I'm sure and honestly at first I thought that doing this was kinda dumb

      Kelly nelson
  • I am lucky I have a BFF that's what I gt

  • I dont have a best friend. The one I say is she isnt allowed to watch the stuff I can and shes not allowed to tell secrets and know them. Theres this girl that I met last year in fall and I really think she could be my best friend but she already has one I REALLY want/need a bff

  • Im so happy i have a bff!we been bff's for 7 years!


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