Who's Your Best Friend?

Every girl has a best friend. (Or more than one best friend. I personally only have one) But there are many kinds of best friends. Best best friends, who know everything about you, just friends, who you just hang out with, or friends who you don't know why you hang around with them.

Girls, what is YOUR Best Friend like? Find out! Appearances can be deceiving, and this may not be what your best friend is like, but this how I see it! My best friend would probably be a Ryanne, but that's because I just moved to a new place. How about you??

Created by: Lorelai
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  1. Your best friend is coming over to watch movies and you need to find movies to watch. Are you nervous about your choices?
  2. She's still coming to watch those movies. But she's bringing candy. Should you get some candy too? Or do you have faith in her choices?
  3. You have a secret. A big secret. Would you tell your best friend?
  4. Does she know trivial things? Like your favorite color, or favorite flavor?
  5. Does she know your crush is?
  6. You got arrested for some strange reason. Where is she?
  7. What does she do when she comes over to your house?
  8. You went somewhere fun for your vacation. Did you get her something? Like a snow globe or a t-shirt?
  9. Does your favorite adventure have her in it?
  10. This doesn't really matter, but, pick a number.

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