Are they REALLY your best friend?

There are people mamy who consider someone there best friend just because they have known them for awhile. But being best friends is alot different than. They know trust them..

Do you have a BEST FRIEND? You really think that they are you best friend?? Well lets find out right now!!! Best Friends should be there for you know matter what....

Created by: Sara Cayla
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  1. Have you caught them in a lie towards you?
  2. If you were broke down on the side of the road would they come help you?
  3. Would they ever date one of your exes?
  4. How often do you talk to them?
  5. Would they break their plans with ANYONE else to spend time with you ?
  6. If you were in jail and you called them to bail you out, what would they say..."
  7. If you were in the hosiptal would they be there for you?
  8. You tell them you met a guy and that yall made plans for the upcoming weeked...what does your friend do?
  9. Are they dating an ex of your?
  10. Do they do things and then ask you to lie and cover for them?

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Quiz topic: Are they REALLY my best friend?