What kind of friend are you?

Good friends are like men very hard to find. We find some good ones & some bad ones. Are you a true blue friend? Do you have a friend that might need to take the test?

Many people believe that they are the perfect friend, but how do you/they measure up in the friend department? Are you a true blue friend? Find out now take the quiz!

Created by: Soneen
  1. Do you borrow,or use things from your friends without returning or replacing it?
  2. Your friend is struggling with bills & such. But you need to use something they already have,Do You?
  3. Your friend has been your rock the past couple of weeks you really needed her,but now she is the one in need do you?
  4. Your friend has been watching your kid all week while you try to find a job for free it's the weekend & you want to got out do you?
  5. You have been using up some of your friends personal items and you just got paid do you?
  6. Which one of these statements best fits you?
  7. Which statement do you agree with most?
  8. A friend has just dropped off some items for your other friend,when you look at the items you see somethings that you need do you?
  9. How many people would you call you they're Friend?
  10. Your friends is going out on a date,& her hair is a hot mess, she asks you "how do I look"?
  11. Your friends asks you for a ride to the store and she doesn't have any gas money, & you have a 1/2 tank gas do you?
  12. Do your friends always look to you for opinion?
  13. When you and your friends go out how many friends asks you to pay for them?
  14. When you see your friend just got a car the first thing that popped into your head was?

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Quiz topic: What kind of friend am I?