What Kind of Friend Are You

Friends are good things to have and good things to be. Many people are lousy friends. And others are good friends. Some are just stuck in the middle. It's important to know which one is which.

Do you have what it takes to be a good friend? Do you think you know what kind of friend you are? Are you sure? Find out, but remember this is all for fun.

Created by: Nikki

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  1. Your friend does something really really lame you:
  2. Your friend is just deemed the biggest loser in your school (not talking about weight loss), you:
  3. Your friend goes out with someone you've liked for years you:
  4. There's a big test coming up in geography. Your friend forgot to study. You:
  5. The hottest party of the century is tonight. Your friend's not invited, but you are. You:
  6. Someone does something really low to your friend and now they are fuming. You:
  7. You spend the summer in Australia doing everything you ever wanted to do, and your friend's stuck at home with nothing to do. You:
  8. Your parent's aren't too thrilled with your new friend. Actually, they want you to put a stop to any contact with them. You:
  9. You're having the worst day imaginable, but your friend is also having a bad day. You:
  10. It turns out your day was much worse than your friends, but now you're depressed from thier day. You:

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