Are you a true friend

"Some people are best friends and some just shouldn't have friends period end of storey, do you have the kindness and the trust or do you just have friend problems?"

You are about to find out what kind of a friend you are and if you are not much of a friends at all then we can help, thanks to this great quiz you can find out!

Created by: Emma of hockeyfun7
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  1. Your friend just lost her necalce that there grandmother gave to them she is very upset you say...
  2. Your friend just got a C on a test and she has never gotten lower than a B and she is in tears you say
  3. Your friend is mad at you because you were joking around about her sensitive personality to make it up to her you...
  4. Your friend dropped her pencil you...
  5. you get a job at your favourite store but your friend doesn't you
  6. your friend is sick and at school you
  7. your friend is jealous of another friend Say...
  8. It is the night before your big assinment is due and your friend totaly forgot you
  9. Your friend is gaining weight and you have to tell her how do you do it.
  10. you have a date to the dance and she doesn't you...

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Quiz topic: Am I a true friend