How good of a friend are you

The are very few true friends left in this world. People who care about each other and would do anything for those they care about. A true friend is someone who will sacrifice without looking for anything in return right away. A person who does good, because they want to.

Are you a true friend. Are you a caring person? Well, take this quiz and find out. You will no longer have to wonder. Now there are answers to the questions of life.

Created by: Paige

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  1. You have plans with a friend, but your ex that you still love invites you over to "talk", you...
  2. Your friend is in a bad car crash, but you have tickets to a great show, you...
  3. When it comes to your friends, you are
  4. To have a good time, you..
  5. Sometimes your best friend can be annoying and you deliberately avoid the phone calls.
  6. Your run into your friend's ex and they invite you out. You were interested in them first, so you
  7. If it was a choice between your friends and your family, you would choose...
  8. You have known your best friend for...
  9. You have a lot in common with ALL of your friends.
  10. To get ahead in life,
  11. Your friend and you are both applying for the same job, but he/she is more qualified. You tell the interviewer..
  12. You have $7 and both you and your friend are hungry. You could both eat from the dollar menu, or you could get a meal.

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Quiz topic: How good of a friend am I