Do you need to move out of North America?

Having myself lived abroad for some years now and watching friends and family live contentedly in the States, I started to wonder what compels some people to leave and some to stay.

Some people need to leave, and don't even realize it! Then again, some people need to stay, not that they ever consider leaving, or even think about anything further than the World Series. Which are you?

Created by: ExpatDessa
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  1. You're starving, and can't wait the hour or so it might take to prepare a meal. You hot-foot it to
  2. Your apartment/bedroom/house is in dire need of a deep clean. To help you in your endeavor, you
  3. Your idea of a standard work year is
  4. Healthcare is something that
  5. Your idea of a great Saturday night is
  6. How do you stay informed of world events?
  7. How OFTEN do you utilize a news source?
  8. When is the last time you left the country?
  9. You're planning a vacation. Where do you most want to go?
  10. Which of these is closest to your views on foreign policy?
  11. Finally, which of these best describes how do you feel about living in the North American country in which you now reside?

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Quiz topic: Do I need to move out of North America?