How much do you know about Latin America 2.0?

What do you know about Latin America? For many North Americans, it's very familiar and yet very foreign. Take the quiz, the second to hit this forum, and see how you do.

If you get a high score, feel free to pat yourself on the back and bask in the glory due you. If you fail, miserably, skulk away in shame. Really. We'll be embarrassed to even be seen with you.

Created by: amazon
  1. This woman was the first elected head of state in South America, and among the first in the world.
  2. This device, used by the Incas, was comprised of a series of strings, knotted according to a particular formula to record information.
  3. The fifth largest nation in the world in area, this country is home to the descendants of refugees from the defeated Confederate States of America.
  4. These nations have conflicting claims to territory in Antarctica:
  5. Guatemala once laid claim to this former British colony, even going so far as to depict it as part of its territory on a stamp:
  6. This author ran for president of what country?
  7. This nation has seen a 70 percent increase in the numbers of undocumented aliens crossing its southern border:
  8. This singer has been called "The Voice of Latin America":
  9. Beginning in 1905, the United States would invade this nation five times over the following two decades:
  10. Claiming to have won the presidential election in 2006, Andres Manual Lopez Obrador continues to dispute the outcome of the vote, and launched a "parallel presidency" in this country:
  11. Outselling Coca-Cola, Jarritos is the widest selling soft drink in this country:
  12. As a matter of fact, this flavor of Jarritos is better than any of the other flavors:

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