How much do you know about Latin America?

People think they know Latin America because they met an illegal immigrant and here all those horrible news about coups, drug trafficking, etc.. There are also the Precolumbian Civilizations and couple of gorgeous places.

But, the region is not only that, and maybe you do know a couple of things other don't. Take this test and see for yourself how much do you know about the region

Created by: Francisco Soni
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  1. The term "Latin America" was invented by
  2. How many countries are there in Latin Ameica?
  3. Which of these persons is not Latin Ameican
  4. According to Carlos Fuentes, Hugo Chavez is a...
  5. On the first place, who is Carlos Fuentes?
  6. Which is the most populated country in the region?
  7. How many civilizations existed before the Spaniards came?
  8. "gringo" is...
  9. How many languages are spoken in the region?
  10. Who is Evo Morales?
  11. Which dialect of Spanish is mots widely hated?
  12. Inc which period does most of the countries in the region achieved independence?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Latin America?