PD4 Latin American History & Mexico

Mexico. The Land of Mexicans. What do you know about Mexico? What do you know about the history of Latin America? What do you know about anything?! Use this practice quiz test thing to see how much you know or how much you don't know! Practice for Dozier's Latin America test.

Latin America encompasses a lot. First, you need to know all the countries. Then you need to know the history. And you also should know all the important people. This might not give you everything, but maybe it will help you on the test.

Created by: Steven
  1. What is the most important region in Mexico known as?
  2. In Latin American class division, what group of people were at the top?
  3. What is the primary source of income along the Southern Pacific Coast?
  4. What are Mulattoes?
  5. What person helped fight against Mexican dictator Diaz?
  6. What general fought Napoleon's forces in Southern South America?
  7. How much of Mexico's population lives in the Central Plateau?
  8. What man was responsible for the creation of the 2nd Republic in the Western Hemisphere?
  9. What man was responsible for freeing Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru from Spanish rule?
  10. What physical phenomenon dominates Mexico?
  11. What is unique about the Yucatan Peninsula?
  12. What are Zambos?
  13. In what year did Brazil become a republic?
  14. What man captured Morelos?
  15. Who is the current president of Mexico?
  16. What industry brings in a lot of money to Mexico?
  17. Which of the following is not a problem that Mexico faces?
  18. Which of the following ancient civilizations never appeared in Mexico?
  19. Where did the corrupt former Mexican President flee to?
  20. What Spanish conquistador conquered Mexico for Spain?
  21. What desert located north and east of the Baja receives less that 4 inches of precipitation per year?
  22. What man was responsible for the independence of Brazil?
  23. What great battle was fought by Simon Bolivar, freeing Peru from Spanish rule?
  24. What is the name for the political strongmen in Latin America in the 19th century?
  25. What is Mexico's leading seafood export?

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