How North Scranton are You?

There are very few true North Scrantonians, but the ones that are truly know how to rep it stay strong and keep on keepin on. A North Scrantonian is Someone who thinks that there are no other parts to Scranton.

Are You a North Scrantonian?????? Do You Have what is takes to become a North Scranton legend??????? It is a true honor to become a North Scranton legend like Toby or Gerry. But thanks to this quiz i guess you'll find out if you have what it takes

Created by: jim harris
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  1. What is "The Hall"???
  2. What is "The Well"?
  3. Who is "Toby"
  4. What is DJ's
  5. Leggett's Creek is Also known as?
  6. Did You Survive The Market Street Bridge?
  7. What is Holy Rosary?
  8. What Colors Does NSP Roll
  9. What is Bangor Heights
  10. What Ethnicity does everyone think they are in NS even if they are not?
  11. Do many white people try to act "Ghetto" in NS?

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Quiz topic: How North Scranton am I?