Are you a North Dakotan

There are many wanna be North. Dakotans in this country. Some of you live in Lesser (South) Dakota. Some of you live in the Land of 100,000 Mosquitoes. Do yourselves a favor and move to ND now

Are you a true North Dakotan? Do you want to live in a state with low crime rates, low taxation, and many opportunities for personal success. If so move to ND now. Take the quiz to learn some important ND facts. Go Sioux!

Created by: ken kamrowski
  1. How many NCAA titles have the Sioux won in Hockey?
  2. How many Hobey Baker award winners played hockey at UND?
  3. Does the NCAA discriminate?
  4. What city is the geographical center of North America
  5. What lake has more than doubled in size over the last 10 years
  6. Which Fighting Sioux logo is the best
  7. Is oil production a big industry in North Dakota
  8. Where city is located adjacent to Bismarck?
  9. Which former MLB player is originally from Lakota?
  10. The Red River of the North flows what direction

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Quiz topic: Am I a North Dakotan