How South Dakotan Are You?

Being a South Dakota native, I get upset when I travel and people ask me if I still travel by wagon and get attacked by indian war parties. I can attest that we have electricity (or how else can I be chatting with you over the internet?).

Do you have the guts to call yourself a TRUE South Dakotan? It is not a title that should be taken lightly. Find your inner South Dakotan by taking this quiz.

Created by: Laura
  1. How do you pronounce the state capital, Pierre?
  2. Which city has the biggest population?
  3. What is the best part about the bars in Pierre & Ft. Pierre?
  4. What is the largest minority in South Dakota?
  5. What is the population of South Dakota?
  6. What two interstates intersect in South Dakota
  7. What city is at the intersection of the interstates in question 8?
  8. What city holds a motorcycle rally every year?
  9. What city is "Riverboat Days" in?
  10. What city is the "Dakota Dome" in?
  11. What seasons does South Dakota have?
  12. You have to use the A/C and heater on the same day
  13. Where is the Empire Mall?
  14. What native american tribe makes up the majority of SD native americans?
  15. Which news anchorman/woman is from South Dakota?
  16. What region in the U.S. is South Dakota?
  17. How old do you have to be to drive in SD (with a restricted license)?
  18. What famous monument is in South Dakota?
  19. Which SD attraction is dubbed Amaizing?
  20. What movie was filmed in South Dakota?
  21. Which city has its own ball that drops on new years eve?

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Quiz topic: How South Dakotan am I?