How West River Are You?

There has always been a rivalry between West River and East River in South Dakota. For the creator of the quiz, I'm all West River. Born and Raised. There are a few fakers, some that can pull it off, and then there are those that cringe whenever they cross the Missouri. For those of us fluent in South Dakotan.. it's a clash between Wes'triver and Eas'triver.

How West River are you? Can you say you've traveled the REAL rolling plains, through the Badlands, and into the Heart of the Black Hills? Or are you doomed to mass flooding and bad ice storms?

Created by: blkphysh
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  1. Sturgis to you is:
  2. Alcatraz is:
  3. 8th Street, LTA, and the Safeway Parking Lot all refer to:
  4. CUSTER!
  5. The Rez:
  6. Which is the BIGGEST West River Tourist Trap?
  7. Camp 5, East Ridge, Mill Road, Battle Creek, Ricco all refer to:
  8. Lemmon is:
  9. Cascade Falls!
  10. You're driving north from Chadron on Highway 385. You get to the border of South Dakota and look to your left. The first thing you see is a:
  11. When you think of white clay, you think of
  12. When you think Indians, you think of:
  13. The state directly west of South Dakota is:
  14. QUICK! Big 4 lane road, connects east to west!
  15. Deadwood is:
  16. The number 2 on the licence represents what?
  17. Which is warmer most of the year?

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Quiz topic: How West River am I?