Fall River Quiz

Fall River is a small city, AKA Mini Portugal. As much as we all want out of this city, we are very proud of it, and will defend it till the end. By taking this quiz... Find out if you know as much as you think you do about our lovely little city, AKA- Fall River!

Are You from Fall River??? Have you lived here all your life? do you know everything there is to now about the streets and buildings in Fall River... Take my quiz now to find out

Created by: Manda

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  1. Whos Lizzy Bordan
  2. Where does North Main and South Main meet?
  3. Whos the famous Chef that Graduated from Diman?
  4. Whos the famous Chef that Graduated from Diman?
  5. You know where the old Durfee was
  6. Where is Harbour Mall
  7. Where was "China Royal" located?
  8. Black and Red is?
  9. New Bedford is East, Providence is West, Boston is North, and Tiverton is West
  10. What Letter dont we Pronounce

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