International Rivers Quiz

Do you know a lot about rivers? Do you know what river is the longest in the world? Or what is the longest river in each continent.. If you know about this, then take this quiz and hope for the best!!

There's a whole lot of rivers in this world.. The Nile, The Amazon, The Congo, Missisippi, Missouri, Volga, Danube, Mekong, The Yellow River, Yangtze, Ganges, Murray-Darling.. If you have heard of these, then take my quiz and maybe you will get 100%!!

Created by: Pontus
  1. What is the longest river in the world?
  2. Which river in the world has the largest water-flow?
  3. Into what ocean does the Nile flow into?
  4. What is the longest river in Asia?
  5. What is the longest river in Europe?
  6. What is the longest river in North-America?
  7. At what city does the Missisippi and Missouri meet?
  8. What ocean does the Amazon flow into?
  9. What is the longest river in Oceania?
  10. What is the second longest river in Africa?

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