Are you a true best friend?

Are YOU a good friend,a best friend, or a BFF? you take the quiz and find out!!! i mean what do you have to lose except for friendship?? you want a decent friendship not a crummy one

are you a true friend? a bestie for life or a jerk that dosent care for their friends at all? take this quiz and find out i mean common what have ya got to lose???? so0o0o0o yeah take this quiz and find out

Created by: Kim

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  1. if you were invited to an awesome party & your friend wasn't would you still go?
  2. you & your friend are at the mall but your bf comes up to you & says wanna hang out? would do u do?
  3. your friend is sick & your bored on a friday night what would you rather do?
  4. you & your best friend get into a huge fight & suggest never to talk to each other ever again but you guys told each other a bunch of secrets what do you do?
  5. its the summer & your trying out for the Cheerleading Squad you & friend go to the tryouts it turns out you make the team but your friend dosen't what do you do?
  6. you & some of your new friends from school run into your best friend while on a bike ride your new friends are calling your best friend names & make her cry what do you do?
  7. its PROM NIGHT and you & your bf go together but your best friend dosent have a date what would you do?
  8. you give your friend a new haircut & it turns out awesome your friend wants to pay you $20 do you take the money?
  9. your friend brings her bf to the mall with you & her do you guys even talk at the mall or does she just flirt with her boy?
  10. do you & your friends tell each other everything?
  11. do you & your friends tell each other everything?
  12. do you guys ever let a boy come between you?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true best friend?