A Ty Trivia Quiz

Some say that friendship isabout love. About trust. About communication and being there for the other person. Then there are otherswho say that friendship is about trivia facts and figures.

Are you a friend of mine? Maybe, but are you truly astute at Ty trivia? The only way to find out is to take this quiz, and seehow much you truly know.

Created by: Ty

  1. Ty is always reluctant to go to his kid sister's apartment. Why?
  2. Ty has a few OCD traits. Which of the following is one of them?
  3. What is the name of the documentary film that Ty appears in briefly?
  4. Ty enrolled in his first acting class in college in order to...
  5. Ty's shortest job ended when he quit over email. It lasted...
  6. Ty's Favorite Shakespeare play?
  7. Ty's brother is named...
  8. According to Ty the worst Christmas song in existence is...
  9. A woman once confess to Ty that she "fell in love" with him as soon as she...
  10. When bored, Ty spends most of his TV time these days watching which channel?
  11. Ty's preferred beer?
  12. Ty has friends in all of the following states, except...
  13. What was noteworthy about Ty's Senior prom?
  14. What is Ty's favorite month?
  15. How many nieces does Ty have?
  16. What organism did Ty fearmost as a child?
  17. Which of the following did Ty's senior class NOT vote him in high school?
  18. What was Ty's major in college?
  19. What name does Ty's mom go by?
  20. In all of Ty's school years, he was only everon one sports team. What sport?
  21. What foreign country does Tymost long to visit?
  22. There is a billards 8-ball on Ty's desk. Where did he get it?
  23. How many shows has Ty seen on Broadway?
  24. One of Ty's ancestors signed which historical document?
  25. What was "Basically Music"?
  26. Which of these in an actual nickname Ty has gone by? (More than a single time.)
  27. Ty has never done which of the following things?
  28. How old was Ty when his father died?
  29. What is Ty's favorite candy?
  30. How is "Sorry, Wrong Number" by Lucille Fletcher significant to Ty?

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