What SP cat are you (kit version)

Ooh! KitKit rp time!!!!!!! It's me your hostess with the mostess, Snowy F!!! Your answers can very from the sensitive Snowykit, Warm Hearted Rowankit, rambunctious Shimmerkit, Lost Ivykit, Jealous Sandkit, or determined Dapplekit! Whoever you get.... just HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Are YOU sensitive, warm and kind, rambunctious, determined, left out, or jealous? Well there only ONE way to find out folks! Take this quiz to see who of the Silverpelt KitKit rpers you are!

Created by: Snowy F.
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What word discribes you
  2. What are you most likely found doing
  3. Say your out of the nursery and you look around camp, what is the thing that makes you satisfied
  4. what would you choose to do with your life
  5. Favorite Season
  6. What would be the thing you look for in a mate
  7. What would be the thing you look for in a mate
  8. What can you be found doing in the nursery
  9. Whoa! First time out of the nursery! What do you explore?
  10. Now your made a full medddie/warrior! What suffix
  11. How did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What SP cat am I (kit version)