are you sensitive?

Many people believe that they are sensitive, but some aren't sure. Take this quiz so that you can know exactly where you are on the sensitive scale.

So are you sensitive? Are you not sensitive at all? Or just in the middle? Take this test, and cut me some slack. This is my first quiz so not the best. Enjoy.

Created by: skeie

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  1. Do you consider yourself a sensitive person? (Be truthful.)
  2. You are out shopping and you see your boy/girlfriend with a new girl/boy. You-
  3. You are in class and you bend down. Your pants rip. Everyone starts laughing. You-
  4. You and your friends are chilling out when you're dad comes up and starts singing. You-
  5. Some bully walks up and says, "Hey fatso." You-
  6. Your dog is very sick and your mom says that he'll have to be put down. You-
  7. Your fav song is playing when someone says, "This is the worst song ever." You-
  8. How much do you cry?
  9. Do you like Brussels Sprouts? (Random.)
  10. Did you like this quiz? (Might effect results.)

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Quiz topic: Am I sensitive?