Take this quiz as a Obby

Hello,after all,we also make mistakes,Nobody is perfect,even in the highsest places,so theres nothing to be jealous,thats all,and im so gonna lost words for the second one,So get lost and trouble some,Wait,Sasuke and Shikamaru

Theres nothing to be jealous about,You are way clever for many people,accept yourself no matter what,You are diffrent from others,and believe yourself,Clawsome and bloom tone

Created by: SasuSaku Uchiruno
  1. What is the title of the quiz
  2. Do you take this quiz easy peasy
  3. Born Evil or Fallen Angel
  4. Can you open the door at midnight
  5. What does Obby means
  6. What is your favorite food
  7. You pass you are now a Blank
  8. The best anime ever
  9. The Konohagakure Kage
  10. Month of Nutrition month

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