What Roblox Game Should You Play?

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Hello! This quiz will determine what Roblox game you should play from the ''Popular'' section! The possible choices are Adopt Me, Piggy, Bloxburg, MeepCity, Royale High, and Work at a Pizza Place!

This quiz is mainly designed for new Roblox players, but if you aren't new, that's cool too! I hope you enjoy this quiz, because it took a long time making it!

Created by: Ava Myers
  1. Hey! First question; Do you like pets and collecting them?
  2. Do you like scary/horror games?
  3. Do you like roleplay?
  4. Are you actually a new Roblox player? Be honest :)
  5. So, how many games have you played in Roblox before? (NOT how many TIMES you've played the exact same game, the amount of games you've playeeeed.) If you're not a new player, click "Not a new player"
  6. The game you play must include...
  7. Are you a badass?
  8. Choose your weapon during the apocalypse.
  9. If you've played Royale High, did you like it? If not, click "Haven't played"
  10. Final question... *dramatic inhale* What is your favorite color out of these? (Each color is counted for all different types of its color)

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Quiz topic: What Roblox Game should I Play?