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This quiz is about a game on Roblox called Royale High! It is a very popular game that has been trending on Twitter before! Everyone who created it put so much time into the game!

The creators are very talented! The currency in the game is diamonds. There are accessories, heels, wings, and skirts you can buy! Private servers cost 100 Robux. There are sets in the game that are usually limited.

Created by: SavageCuteCatsYT
  1. How many sets are there in Royale High (including mermaid royalty and cozy set)? As of March 2021.
  2. How many Realms are in Royale High?
  3. Who is the creator of Royale High?
  4. What is a way to get diamonds with out break the Royale High Rules?
  5. Who of these is not a Royale High YouTuber?
  6. What level do you need to be to trade?
  7. How many diamonds do you get while leveling up?
  8. Is the Alien Halo Tradable?
  9. What was the first halo?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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