What Royale High Set Are You? (Missing SE, SCB, SF and

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~Have you wondered which ROYALE HIGH SET you are?~ This very creative quiz will fin which set you are the most like but instead of asking you general questions, we will fit you to a set by your response to my very own story.

This quiz does have the Shadow Empress Set, Spring Cherry Blossom Set, Summer Fantasy Set and the Winter Guardian Set. I sincerely apologise as there can only be 10 results. The story is written by the creator, (AKA, Me!!), Alyssa. Some credits will go to Vera, my best friend, Hazel, my ex-best friend that is now kinda rude to me (These are not their real names as I am too lazy to get their permission) and finally YOU!!

Created by: Alyssa C. Rose

  1. You change into your stylish pyjamas, ready to sleep. How do your pyjamas look like?
  2. Soon, you fall asleep.
  3. Suddenly you are awakened by a loud deafening crash, you wander towards where the noise was, it was from your backyard. You see a silhouette of a girl, what do you do?
  4. The girl turns you and says, "My name is Alyssa, I was trick or treating with my friend Vera." She looked at her hands and sighed. "I probably got lost and now I can't find Vera too." You decided to help Alyssa find her friend and bring her home. Where is the first location you will search?
  5. Walking to the location you suggested, Alyssa pointed at the Haunted Mansion and told you a story about a witch named Hazel.
  6. "So, it is rumoured that the witch will kill some innocent children because... Well, because she is a witch. I heard she is casting a curse on our city and needs some..." Alyssa shuddered but continues, "gross stuff like human eyeballs" You gaged but an idea sneaked in your mind.
  7. What if Vera got captured by the witch Hazel? You thought. Alyssa, she seemed to have read your mind and whispered, "it's just a rumour," You suggest (or if you pick haunted mansion already, suggested) You enter the building see three doors. Which door do you enter?
  8. You walk in that door and find Vera, tied to a chair. You and Alyssa quickly untie her when the witch is not looking. Vera is very nervous right now and you say something (or nothing) to comfort her.
  9. RING, RING, RIIIIIING Your alarm clock screamed at you. You open your eyes sleepily and realised it was a dream. You decide to tell your friend about it. Which set as a friend will you tell?
  10. You have reached the end of this quiz (I NEED 10 QUESTIONS >:C. Why???) Are you excited to get your results?

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Quiz topic: What Royale High Set am I? (Missing SE, SCB, SF and