What ROBLOX game should I play?

Hello there, welcome to my quiz. The only real reason your here is because you somehow found this quiz from a google search or something. Sorry if its really boring ***NOTE : this may include things you wont wanna read***

In this quiz you will see what ROBLOX game you should play, based on my opinion. If you end up with a game you don't enjoy. that's sad, and I hope some other quiz will help you

Created by: Jason
  1. First of all. which one of these have you tried, or played most
  2. What sort of games do you find best?
  3. Not really related but do you.
  4. How long do you usually play for
  5. would you...
  6. If you could make any game. what would the genre be
  7. How would you like to play a game
  8. This really is not important. but this quiz is based on my opinion. So sorry if you end up with something boring
  9. Another non-important question. but how many points do you want. (this may effect the results.)
  10. are you...
  11. do you watch anime
  12. Not related but
  13. What genre do you like the most (of the choices)
  14. Are you,
  15. are you someone who tells the truth but usually is called a liar
  16. Do you usually look on Fandom for some things about the game
  17. Do you play Raid shadow legends
  18. What's your gender
  19. Do you often prevent others from reaching there goals?
  20. Do your parents let you play violent games
  21. In a scale of 1-5 how would you rate ROBLOX (NOT RELATED)
  22. What do you think you like.
  23. how much do you like roleplay
  24. do you sometimes talk to yourself when playing a game to act like your IN the game

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