Are you dumb or smart?

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Hello there, welcome to my quiz. The only real reason your here is because you somehow found this quiz from a google search or something. Sorry if its really boring ***NOTE : this may include things you wont wanna read***

In this quiz you will see how smart are you ,should get better result opinion. If you end up with a result that means you are smart if you get better result i hope you enjoyed

Created by: Danyal
  1. 1+1=?
  2. 2+2=?
  3. 4+4=?
  4. 8+8=?
  5. 16+16=?
  6. 32+32=
  7. 64+64=?
  8. 128x128=?
  9. 256x256=?
  10. 512x512=?
  11. 1024x1024=?
  12. 2048+2048=?
  13. 4096+4096=?
  14. There are_______bones in our body
  15. our heart is in our_________System
  16. Heart is a________
  17. The control center of our body is?
  18. Our bones are in our_______________
  19. There are________Muscles in our body
  20. the muscles we can control are
  21. The hipbone is a
  22. Most muscles in our body are
  23. Muscles we can not control are
  24. wich muscle we can control
  25. There are how many continents?
  26. there are how many countries in the world
  27. What is the largest continent?
  28. A large body of water is
  29. What is the deepest ocean
  30. How much deep is challenger deep

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Quiz topic: Am I dumb or smart?