Roblox Royale High quiz, how well do you know it?

Hi everybody! This quiz will inform you about how much you know Royale High. Try your best and tell me what you get in the comments. are you a fan? A new player? Or just a noob??

Disclaimer: This quiz is not 100 percent accurate.These questions may have not been in your knowledge range, and you may know a lot, but the question may not have been included.

Created by: KitKat0804
  1. How many diamonds do you win for coming in first place on the sunset high pageants?
  2. How many diamonds do you get for voting for somebody in the Sunset island pageants?
  3. What are three ways to earn diamonds on Earth?
  4. Is it possible to flood your apartment?
  5. Is it possible to break the window in your apartment?
  6. What time does breakfast start at Royale High?
  7. How do you complete gym class at Royale High?
  8. How many diamonds do you get when you collect a red diamond?
  9. Enchantix High School is for...
  10. How many times do you have to click the space bar to start flying?
  11. How many Robux does it cost to buy the game pass for more hair color options?

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Quiz topic: Roblox Royale High quiz, how well do I know it?