Do you really know Snowy Owls?

Ahh... The Snowy Owl. A great owl. These owls are predators that live in extremely chilly areas like Alaska and Canada. These are very beautiful birds that you might want to go see.

So, do you think you know about these birds? If you're from the site, you should know the answers to ALL 10 questions. Well, good luck and let's see what you get!

Created by: AniMystic
  1. Where do Snowy Owls live?
  2. What is the owl's diet?
  3. True or false. Snowy Owls are nocturnal.
  4. What is the scientific name?
  5. What is the difference between males and females?
  6. True or false. Snowy Owls are endangered.
  7. What do Snowy Owls mainly eat?
  8. Why are Snowy Owls endangered?
  9. What are some predators that hunt the snowy owl?
  10. What is the average life span in the wild?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Snowy Owls?