What's Your Friend Trend?

Okay, so this quiz is basically for girls...sorry. Okay, so what this quiz is to see what kind of friend you are! The title is just a little catchier lol

So there are thirteen questions, which will only take like not even a minute. There are three results that you can get from. Good luck and have fun! Please leave comments too!

Created by: aszand_58

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  1. It's the weekend! Time to hang out with your Best Friend. You:
  2. There is a stray puppy begging for your attention in the neighborhood. You:
  3. Your friend picks the same dress you have been eyeing to wear to the school dance. You:
  4. Student Council elections are next month. You:
  5. The team has a day off from practice because of snow. You:
  6. After a spa treatment, your friend breaks out in an itchy rash. You:
  7. Homecoming is this weekend, but your friend just broke up with her boyfriend. You:
  8. Your group of friends wants to start a band. You:
  9. Ugh! Your best friend's evil aunt is visiting. She needs an excuse to get out of the house, fast! You:
  10. What yearbook superlative would you most likely win?
  11. Your best friends want to pitch in together to do a community service project. You:

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Quiz topic: What's my Friend Trend?