Gossip girls part 1

The gossip girls rule the school. They own it run it, you know, classic mean girl stereotypes. But they're MORE than that. So much more. In fact, they-well, just read to find out.

Why do they suddenly want you? And though they make you cringe, are they truly, actually your friend? Let me predict it for ya. You know...maybe they'll improve your life. Yeah, right..and its the ketchup apocolypse next Tuesday.

Created by: QuinnHazel

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  1. Your phone bleeps. You've got a text from... 987-231-4907. Who's that? "Hi, it's Jenessa."
  2. "Lol, so I wanted to know if you wanted to come to a G.G. Party tonite!" G.G... Did she mean...GOSSIP GIRLS? Omg. The Gossip girls are the most popular girls in school. Always gossiping, of course. They know everything about everyone. She's inviting you? The new girl?!
  3. "Of course you are! lol, for a sec I thought you'd blow me off! CU tonite!" she texts.
  4. The day consists of you just searching the web, bored. When it's finally 6, the time of the party, you leap from bed and throw on-
  5. "Omg, I, um...LOVE your outfit!" Jenessa chirps with a fake smile. "Come in!" She holds the door as you walks in, then struts off to flirt with a hot guy. "Hi!" A blonde girl exclaims, leaning onto a muscular, insanely hot boy. Gosh these girls are-
  6. The boy grins at you, his white teeth shining, blue eyes mischevious. The girl catches a little glance at him and heaves herself more deeply into his arms, then attempts at a casual smile. "You can show her around, bae, I'm just gonna go talk to Jen a minute." With that, she turns, kisses him a second too long, and sashays off.
  7. "So, what're you into?" The boy asks, leading you farther into the house.
  8. Keep telling him.
  9. "You seem stressed."
  10. He removes his arm looks at you strangely. "Come on, I'll introduce you to the girls. Of course, you've met Tess there," He motions to his girlfriend-or at least, you THINK she is-and smiles. "and Jenessa. And there's Regina, Chip, and..." He looks around. "WHERE IS THE FLIPPIN' MAID?" You nearly fall over. "Sorry to startle you." He says, but he continues to scan the room.
  11. A girl with brown hair and faded blue highlights rushes to his side. Her freckles darken and dimples deepen with her delighted blush. "I'm here, Troy," She gushes. "Is it my day?" "No, Tess won last week, remember?" He says, a tint of annoyance in his voice. "Saige, this is...this is...."
  12. "She's ___(Your Name)___," Jenessa says. "And there's the perfect spon for her on the news team," The gossip girls cover is they write the gossip column in the school newspaper, but really they're just the popular mean girls looking for juicy gossip.
  13. "Nope! A REPORTER!" Regina, a girl with jet black hair and tan skin squeals. Chip, her twin, grins and nods vigorously. "So, I like...interview people?" You ask. "You catch on fast," Tess says, rolling her eyes. It's starting to become obvious she doesn't like you, and as if proving your point, Tess attempts to discreetly slip into Troy's arms, who grins. These people are REALLY getting on your nerves. "We've just got to ask you a few questions, you go on a blind date, and you're on the team!" Regina squeals. "WHAT?!" "It's proven fact that people who are dating are known to tell each other more," Tess says. "So you'll get-or TRY to get-tons of info. If you fail, you're off the team." "That's not proven fact," Saige interupts. "Whatever," Tess, Regina, and Jenessa chorus. "Ok, first of all," Chip says. "What gift should a boy def get you on a first date?"
  14. "And finally!" Chip exclaims with a blissful sigh. "Walk on the beach, or thrilling rock concert?"
  15. "No!" Regina whines in a squealy voice. "Chirise! You asked one already! So I get to ask one now!" Chip glares. "NEVER call me that." "Oh My Go-you know what?!!!! I'll ask!"Jenessa says, paling. Drama queen.
  16. "When was your first kiss?" You tense up and tell her---
  17. "Spill..."
  18. The doorbell rings and Jenessa throws herself out the door through the crowd. Troy and Tess pant for sweet air, bending down.
  19. And before you can say or think anything, you've been blindfolded and are across from some random kid, heart racing. Then Saige unfolds your blindfold and you take in a sharp breath of air, taking a deep breath as you stare directly-and slightly flirtatiously, you're absurdly amused to admit-of Matteo Dawson. Heck, it's been a weird day.
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