Are You A Gossip Girl?

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There are people who do gossip, and there are people who don't. Gossip can be addicting. There are 2 differrent kinds of gossip. There is Celebrity Gossip- Doesn't everyone love to talk about their favorite stars? And there is hurtful gossip- talking in a mean way behind someone's back. Totally hurtful!

Are you a gossip girl? Do you know it all? (Best buds to boyfriends, Make-ups to break-ups?) You might be wondering, but by taking this helpful (Yet fun) quiz, you can find out for yourself!

Created by: Natalie
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  1. A not-so-nice girl at your lunch table told one of your bestie's secrects. How do you handle?
  2. When you play 'Truth or Dare', what one do you pick the most?
  3. When your friend tells you a secret, you always ask for her permission first before you tell anyone else.
  4. If you could guest star on Gossip Girl or Degrassi, what would you pick?
  5. How often do you gossip?
  6. If your friends were to discribe you in one word, they'd say:
  7. You see a few girls gossiping outside of school. Do you join?
  8. The song your'e rocking out to right now is:
  9. Are you usually the first one to call your friends, or do they call you first?
  10. When you hang out with your friends, do you gossip?

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