Gossip Girl Memory Quiz?

This is a quiz about the CW show Gossip Girl. A show about the ups and downs of the upper east siders of Manhattan. These Teens seem to have it all or are they all looking for something more?

Test yourself on your knowledge of the CW show Gossip girl. How much do you remember from this half way point in season 1? Do you know all the characters and what they have been getting up to? Test your love for Gossip Girl now...

  1. Which of these is a female character from the show?
  2. Who secretly had a thing for Serena before finally hooking up with her?
  3. What colour dress did Serena wear to cotillion?
  4. Who is Serena's Mother?
  5. How does Jenny get out of being arrested when caught in the Waldorf store?
  6. When do Chuck and Serena kiss?
  7. Who does Blair trip up at the ice rink?
  8. What is Serena wearing when she slept with Nate?
  9. What is Blair's Favourite Film?
  10. Where was Serena before her appearance in episode one?
  11. Why did Serena leave town?
  12. What present did Serena finally get Dan for xmas?
  13. What did Blair show Serena which helped get them talking again?
  14. Who used to date?
  15. Why does Dan hit Chuck?

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