Gossip Girl Exam

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are lots of wannabees and fans of Gossip Girl, but how about we put your brains to the test? Do you dare try my exam? Not for the easily confused.

Do YOU have what it takes to answer the REAL Gossip Girl's questions? CHEAT if you must, but you'll only be as fake as Joan Rivers' face. TRUE knowledge only leads to TRUE rewards.

Created by: GG
  1. Where did Serena vad der Woodsen go for boarding school?
  2. In the first episode of Gossip Girl, what kind of phone did Blair Waldorf have?
  3. What is the name of Blair's father's fiance?
  4. How many accomplices does Gossip Girl have?
  5. What is the name of the private school Serena attends?
  6. Where does Serena think Georgina Sparks is?
  7. Who plays the role of Kati Farkas?
  8. How many episodes did season one of Gossip Girl consist of?
  9. What was Lily van der Woodsen's past hobby?
  10. What is Blair's father's name?
  11. What was Jenny asked to steal from Blair's mother's store?
  12. What school has Blair always dreamed of attending?
  13. Which song does Serena "rock out" to while playing Guitar Hero?
  14. What phone does Serena throw in the trash after looking at pictures of her and Blair?
  15. What is the name of the annual all-boys weekend thrown this year by Chuck?
  16. What is Jenny's ex-boyfriend's last name?
  17. What is Serena's middle name?
  18. What does Blair's dad own and where?
  19. What colors does Chuck's signature scarf consist of?
  20. At Blair's sleepover, Blair says and outfit is too "Hannah Montana". Who does she say this too?
  21. What color nail polish does Georgina Sparks where?
  22. "Either swallow this, or you can take your Metro Card back to Brooklyn." Who said this?
  23. At Blair's sleepover, someone is dared to kiss someone during truth or dare. Who kisses who?

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