OTH Final Exam - Section Four Review

Review for the Old Testament History Final? What? Is that possible? Oh, yes it is! Here is a collection of possible multiple choice questions for the final exam. I hope this helps you!

Each quiz is a collection of multiple choice questions from both quizzes and the exam of a particular section. And, I believe, we were given four exams, so there should be four quizzes.

Created by: Michelle

  1. Of the following persons, which one was a king of the Southern Kingdom?
  2. What happened to Jeroboam when he tried to seize the man of God at Bethel?
  3. What prophet confronted Ahab, king of Israel?
  4. Where was Jezebel from?
  5. What city in Israel did Omri build?
  6. Which king of Judah did right in the eyes of the LORD?
  7. Which king of Judah did right in the eyes of the LORD?
  8. Who was the first king of Israel in the divided monarchy?
  9. Who was the first king of Judah in the divided monarchy?
  10. Whom did an angel take care of after he escaped from the tyranny of Queen Jezebel?
  11. Both King Ahaz and his grandson Manasseh sacrificed to this Ammonite god.
  12. What did Elisha's bones do after he was dead in II Kings 13?
  13. What happened to Gehazi after Elisha healed someone in II Kings 5?
  14. What happened to the youth who taunted Elisha in II Kings 2?
  15. What horrible story did King Joram hear as he walked along the wall of his besieged city?
  16. Which good king of Judah was saved from his grandmother's murderous plot?
  17. Which king of Israel set the standard for evil by which all following kings were compared?
  18. Who was healed of leprosy by Elisha?
  19. Whose family line did Jehu end by killing all seventy descendants?
  20. After Samaria was resettled, God sent what animals in to kill the people?
  21. How did Sennacherib die?
  22. Samaria was the capital of what country?
  23. This prophet ministered for forty years and witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem:
  24. This prophet ministered for forty years and witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem:
  25. To what king of Judah did the Lord give 15 extra years of life?
  26. What enemy country destroyed Samaria and exiled its inhabitants?
  27. What prophet did Hezekiah call on in times of crisis?
  28. When Sennacherib attacked Judah, how did 185,000 of his soldiers die?
  29. How did Ahab die?
  30. Which son of Solomon succeeded him as king?
  31. Who was the notoriously wicked wife of King Ahab?
  32. What evil thing did Ahaz do that mirrored the despicable practices of the heathen nations?
  33. Who was killed when thrown from a window and trampled by horses?
  34. What year did Samaria fall?
  35. In what year did Nebuchadnezzer destroy Jerusalem?
  36. Jerusalem was burned by the Babylonians ending the reign of King
  37. The message of this prophet concerned the pride and impending doom of Edom:
  38. Which minor prophet-besides Jonah-prophesied the destruction of Nineveh?
  39. Which one of these was not one of Josiah's descendants that ruled Judah?
  40. What was the capital of Judah (the Southern Kingdom)?
  41. Which of the following was a king of the Northern Kingdom?
  42. Which son of David's house was named when a man of God cursed Jeroboam at Bethel?
  43. Which king of Israel gave the order to execute all seventy sons of Ahab?
  44. What happened to Jehoiachin at the end of II Kings?
  45. Where was Jezebel from?
  46. What powerful new empire made Nineveh its capital?
  47. Who was the king of Judah when Samaria fell?
  48. The message of this prophet is a dialog between the prophet and God:

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