Earth Sciences Vocabulary Quiz

How well do you know simple geographic terms? Take this quiz and find out! It will test your knowledge and tell you just how much you really know about geographic terms.

With this quiz you, the quiz-taker, will be able to see exactly how well prepared you are for the geography section of the grade 10 BC Provincial Exam. Enjoy and good luck!

Created by: Angus L. Reid

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  1. In a subduction zone what is happening with one of the plates?
  2. Which layer of the earth is composed of hot, solid nickel-iron alloy?
  3. What has a dike been filled with?
  4. Which type of seismic wave has a higher velocity?
  5. An epicenter is center of what type of disaster?
  6. What is a fracture?
  7. If you were presented a trilobite fossil as an index fossil would the geological age it represented be high in water?
  8. Folding is the result of what?
  9. In an anticline where are the oldest rock layers located?
  10. According to the Law of Superposition, which layer is always the oldest?

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