SAT Verbal Test

This quiz is to help in preparation of the verbal portion of the SAT. Its purpose is to help students learn their vocabulary words and how to use them in the common sentences.

Each quiz is relevant to a list of vocabulary words. Please review the words before proceeding to the quiz. Take each quiz very seriously, as it offers questions that you may see on the SAT.

Created by: Katy of this site
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  1. During the debate, his opponent found his remarks to be ______, making it difficult for him to debate against him.
  2. He is following his dream by ______ a career in law.
  3. An open, rolling plain, there is little vegetation on the _______.
  4. Her ______ were damaged over the years by the constant dying and straightening of her hair.
  5. The _______ that razed the forest is thought to have been started by a cigarette.
  6. The presidential candidates are ______ their ideas by making speeches throughout the country.
  7. She was ______ by her little brother's refusal to move his feet off of her books.
  8. My backpack was ______ because it had too many books in it.
  9. The Olympic torch was ______ during the opening ceremony in Athens.
  10. The ______ declared that the country would be handed over to its new government.

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