Are you psychotic?

What is "psychotic?" Does it refer to someone who gets placed in a compromising situation, someone who thinks outside of the box, or someone who uses verbal ornamentation?

Are YOU Psychotic? Have you ever had a disconnection between the perceived and experienced reality? Aren't we are all guilty of that? Find out how you score!

Created by: asanah
  1. At any point in your life, was the word relationship mistaken for a lateral career move?
  2. Do you believe that fluffy forum themes bring the mythical creatures out of the forest?
  3. Are you are tired of the cherry picking jobs, cherry picking statistics, cherry picking equals and cherry picking truths?
  4. In light of the housing crisis and credit default, Do you think that the United States has done so much down sizing and super sizing that it's finally lost it's shape?
  5. Does your definition of paranonia sound a lot like counter-terrorism since they both have 3 themes in common: suspicion, grandiosity & fear of the other?
  6. Are you a member of a minority group who feels torn between voting for a black man and a woman?
  7. Do you go to work in order to escape from your house. This includes your kids, spouse, partner, parent or all of the above?
  8. Do you think that driving under the influence should also include cell phone use and applying cosmetics?
  9. Do believe that lasick eye surgery, plastic surgery, weight loss, viral infections, humoral imbalances, mineral deficiencies, high blood pressure, religion, politics, art or caffeine should have a mental health alert?
  10. Are Mc Cain and Clinton beginning to look a lot like the doublemint twins to you?
  11. Are you living a double life on the internet or any where else? If yes, then you are bound to confuse the on and off switch at the wrong time.
  12. Do you ever watch Dr. Who, Monty Python, Keeping Up Appearances or any other British sitcom without blinking for a commerical break?
  13. Are always trying to find creative ways to have sex with the bureaucracy because you're tired of trying to suck it, penetrate it or bend over?
  14. Do you have to re-evaluate the meaning of the word psychotic in light of the preceeding questions?
  15. Do you use human characteristics to describe your computer functionality? For example, "My computer is being tempermental."
  16. Did you think that I was talking about sex in question 17?
  17. If you've ever slipped and fell on ice, what did you do?
  18. Have you ever had more than 1 child calling your name at the same time?
  19. If you answered yes to #20, did you think you were hearing voices?
  20. Have you ever dated men or women who were named Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall?
  21. Do you think that anyone can become psychotic under the right circumstances? After all, everyone has a breaking point.
  22. Now that you've just had a psychotic break; are you more clear on the signs that you are slipping?

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Quiz topic: Am I psychotic?