Which Batman character are you?

In terms of the study of archetypes, it is very simple to find ones mate, as it were, in pretty much any popular show that has more than five people in the cast.

And because no one told me not to, I am giving you the opportunity to discover your place in Gotham City. Are you a grim, logical law-keeper? Or more of a psychotic rabble-rouser? Well... let's find out!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
You are walking on the street late at night and hear a loud noise, rather like a dustbin being kicked over. What do you do?
Track the source of the noise, to see if anything untoward needs attention.
Laugh and carry on your merry way -- some poor sucker just got it!
Have an enormous fright and spend a moment listening to your heart beat frantically, waiting for danger.
Imagine it's an alley cat and hope it found something good in there for dinner.
Tut to yourself about how those homeless people are ruining the city.
In order to create a strong visual identity for yourself, you prefer wearing...
...something black and shadowlike
...something tight and brightly coloured, preferably spandex
...something tight and dark, preferably leather
...something dignified and obviously expensive
...barely anything, though maybe a few modesty touches
Which of these animals are closest to your heart?
Robin (dur)
Penguin (double dur -- these are obvious, huh?)
No animal, I prefer plants
Your form of humour is...
...Dry, sardonic comments
...Smart-alec replies
...Barbed, witty rejoiners
...Killer set-ups and punchlines
...visual humour
Which of these crimes is most likely to infuriate you?
ANY crime, but mostly tormenting innocents
Crimes of the Heart
Stupid, obvious crimes with no art behind them
Your idea of a perfect evening involves...
Meditating, with the knowledge that all is well.
A glass of fine brandy in a big chair before a warm fire.
Spending special time with your beloved.
A crossword puzzle, or maybe a game of scrabble with a smart pal.
Sleeping bathed in the scent or roses.
Getting your RDA of adrenaline, no matter by what method.
Your perfect mate would be...
...A paragon of justice, passionate and logical at the same time
Moody, sexy and cut like The David
Cute and bubbly
Sensative to your issues and the environment around him/her
Uber-smart and spontaneous
Willing to do all the heavy-lifting for you
If an organization was donating $1000 000 to a charity of your choice, it would go to...
your local police force
Amnesty International
a bird sanctuary
a READ campaign
Arhkam Asylum
Your ideal domicile is...
...Technologically rich and functional
...Extravagent yet classy (think Old Money)
...Highly themed in line with your obsession (eg. A green and purple extravaganza!)
...Filled with flora
...Filled with avians
...Sleek and modern (uptown living)
You are shown an inkblot by your psychlogist. Upon being asked about it, you will reply...
...by skirting the issue of what you really see, because you don't want to reveal too much about yourself
...that all you can see is ink, and that this is rather silly anyway
...that you see something arbitary, like Elvis fighting a jar of peanut butter, without even looking properly
...that you can see you are over-paying for these sessions
...honestly; you have nothing to hide
How are you most likely to attack someone?
With utter conviction, control and martial art type skill ruling your body
With words and clever gadgets that mean you don't have to get *physically* involved
Animalistically, possibly with real or improvised claws
Absurdly -- with, like, nasty soda water or a really big mallet
Impulsively, and with an intensity that makes up for your lack of skill or stature. Preferrably with something sharp.
You don't do the attacking; that's what minions are for. Duh. Psh, like you're going to break a nail!
If you were a laugh, you'd be...
A (possibly condescending) chuckle.
A snigger.
A belly-laugh.
The silent, body-spasming kind.
A hysterical collection of screams and whoops.

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