Which Batman Are You?

With the new batman movie out, I thought I would have a little quiz of what type of batman from the movies you would be. These are only the batmen from the movies, so don't be looking for some comic side-story batman or whatever.

Everyone has the potential for being a hero. But what type of hero will you be? What will you fight for? Do you stand for vengeance or justice? Take the batman quiz and find out!!

Created by: The Koreanman
  1. What do you think of your car?
  2. Who is your partner?
  3. Who do you fight?
  4. How would you fight crime?
  5. Do you have a girlfriend?
  6. What would your most reliable gadget be?
  7. How many villains can you handle?
  8. Why do you fight crime?
  9. Did you ever want superpowers?
  10. What do you use the internet for?
  11. Who do you trust the most?

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Quiz topic: Which Batman am I?