What Batman Enemy Are You?

It is a cold night in Gothem. Fear and crime are on the streets like a plague. You are one of the greatest criminals alive. Dark and great only Batman can match you.

But who are you? The evil Joker, the cruel Scarecrow, the witty Riddler? Take this quiz and fined your intervillain. Please answer honestly, not just so you can be you favorite character.

Created by: broderick
  1. Which fits you more?
  2. Are you sadistic?
  3. What of these would you like the most?
  4. Some has been hired to kill you, what do you do first?
  5. You beat him, how do you take care of him?
  6. Are into nature (Animals, Plants, etc.)?
  7. Do you believe in mind over muscle.
  8. Self centered!
  9. Which do you prefer.
  10. Are you a fighter?

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Quiz topic: What Batman Enemy am I?