Turbans and America

Well millions of American are under the misconception that all towel heads are terrorists! There have been hate crimes, physical and verbal assults against innocent Americans. Lets see how likely you are to do that.

In this quiz I will put you in situations where you will be interacting with towel heads where you will be noramlly interacting with normal people. Are you the type of person that really dosn't care or are you the type of person that has problems with them. Lets find out!

Created by: Ksingh

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  1. Are you american?
  2. What did you think of 9-11?
  3. What do you think if you see a towel head sitting next to you in a plane?
  4. Have you ever indirectly or directly insulted a towel head?
  5. What if your roomate was a guy with a turban?
  6. Do you know anybody with a turban?
  7. Girls- What would you do if a guy with a turban asked you out on a date?
  8. What if a guy with a turban asked your family to come to his party? No alcohol
  9. What would you do if a guy with a turban was your waiter?
  10. Would it surprize you if i told you that most people in the united states that wear turbans are not even Muslim?

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