Lifetime Fitness and Wellness

I created this quiz to help me study for my final exam for my Lifetime Fitness and Wellness quiz. It's a fifty question test so I was only able to include part of the material on this quiz. Since the questions on this quiz came specifically from the material covered in lecture, it will most likely seem very random and many people may be unfamiliar with the topics covered. I'm really hoping no one will want to take this test.

Once again this test was created for the sole purpose of helping me study for my final exam. When I created it I had no idea that it would be available for anyone to take. This quiz was not intended for anyone else so please don't take it!

Created by: Allison
  1. What are calories?
  2. How many calories are in one gram of fat?
  3. RDA stands for
  4. What fraction of the calories in the American diet come from junk food?
  5. What percentage of our total body weight is water?
  6. What is the major organ that determines whether nutrients are stored, sent to cells or organs, or excreted?
  7. When you consume proteins, your body breaks them down into smaller molecules known as what?
  8. Starches are stored in muscles and the liver in the form of what?
  9. An attempt by endurance athletes to increase the stores of glycogen in the body is a process known as what?
  10. How are unused carbs stored in the body?
  11. What substance makes up the major portion of the plaque causing the buildup in atherosclerosis?
  12. Why are monounsaturated fats the preferred fats?
  13. What is the more commonly known name for iron deficiency?
  14. What does the term organically grown mean?
  15. What percentage of Americans are considered overweight?
  16. What is the term for a considerable accumulation of fat (35% or higher)?
  17. A 20 year old female with a 10% body fat would be categorized as
  18. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends what for healthy weight loss?
  19. What is Body Mass Index?
  20. What part of the brain regulates appetite?
  21. At what age do metabolic rates tend to start a decline?
  22. What factor improves the success rate of maintaining weight loss?
  23. Tracie has an intense fear of gaining weight, so every time she eats large quantities of food, she then makes herself vomit. Tracie suffers from what eating disorder?
  24. What is the term for compulsive overeating?
  25. The feeling associated with the physiological need to eat and not the desire to eat is classified as:
  26. Basic nutrients that supply the body with the energy needed to sustain normal activity are called:
  27. What are triglycerides?
  28. Inorganic, destructible elements that aid in the physiological process are are called:
  29. An individual who has an adverse effect resulting from a lack of digestive chemicals needed to break down certain substances is said to have:
  30. A theoretical mechanism by which the brain regulates metabolic activity according to caloric intake is called:
  31. A desire to look good that has a destructive effect on a person's ability to function effectively socially is called:
  32. What is wellness?
  33. What is behavior modification?
  34. Some consumption of fats is essential to health
  35. Saturated fats become solid at room temperature.
  36. Women are more likely than men to suffer iron deficiencies.
  37. Irradiation shortens the shelf life of food.
  38. Basal metabolic rate is usually stable throughout life.
  39. Anorexics usually have a distorted perception of their weight and size.
  40. Muscle burns calories at a higher rate than fat.

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