Physical fitness quiz

I really would like a physically fit world, but with today's society, it is almost impossible. If everyone did what the athletes did, this world would be pretty darn fit! Maybe in the future a completely fit society might be possible.

Hey you... yeah you..come here... take this fitness quiz... lets see how fit you really are. PLEASE answer the questions sincerely( unless you took the quiz sincerely before) so that you can compare true answers with your friends!

Created by: Tulani
  1. How often do you exercise?
  2. What is your physical status?
  3. How would you friends describe you strength?
  4. How would you friends describe you strength?
  5. How fit do you think you are?
  6. How much weight can you lift?
  7. If you are not fit, are you trying to become fit?
  8. Do you diet?
  9. Do you work out with others?
  10. Last question (short quiz huh)will you share your results with others?

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