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  • i am a gymnast cheerleader and dancer and im only 40% ??? this quiz is stupid

    gymnastkayla Apr 29 '15, 12:14PM
  • WOW. Whoever made this quiz, go look at yourself, dude. That's just COLD, and I'm fragile, I'm NOT fking fat at all (no offense)

    Dragonia Jun 8 '13, 5:32PM
  • "Um... how fat are you? Are you obese? or are you just so Fragile? Here, take your horrible results and share it with others!"

    Dragonia Jun 8 '13, 5:31PM
  • this was pointless. obviously, you don't know anything. just because someone isn't "fit" you assume they are fat or weak. can you just not.

    jabbjabber Apr 11 '13, 11:42AM
  • What??!!!! I have ABS!!! AND I AM ONLY 60% FIT??!!!!

    horsepony3 Apr 13 '12, 11:34PM
  • wtf i am not fat! this is a STOOOOPID quiz

    cooki99 Jul 30 '11, 4:27PM
  • How the hell am I obese?! Seriously, I think this is inaccurate.

    JlWiz12 Jul 1 '11, 5:49PM

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