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You must set two introduction paragraphs and the parting words, in this last step. This part is important, so please try to be descriptive and friendly in these three fields.

helps you study for anth final..maybe. if it doesnt that sucks cause that means i just wasted an hour making it when i could have been studying something else.

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  1. Definitions of culture used by anthropologists include:
  2. the main subdisciplines which form the basis of anthropology's broad coverage of human culture past and present are:
  3. through its wide-ranging subdisciplines, anthropology has the potential to:
  4. in what ways does anthropology differ from the other social sciences and humanities?
  5. the early definitions of culture stressed learned behavior and material objects and behaviors, whereas additions to this definiton have come to stress:
  6. anthropologists view biology
  7. which of the following phrases about the capacity for human language and culture is correct? it:
  8. the view that all people see and understnad the world in the same way is called
  9. Edward T. Hall's "Hidden Dimension" in his article refers to
  10. looking from the vantage of a corss-cultural perspective what is defines as normal
  11. the perspective of cultural relativism proposes that
  12. which of hte following is not part of an anthropological perspective?
  13. the 19th century unilineal cultural evolutionists
  14. the assumption that one's own culture is the best and only way to see the world is called
  15. the discovery that many cultures, such as hte hopi, have different concepts of time and space was an impetus for work on the relationship between language, thought and culture by:
  16. the fate of the Tasmanians was justified in the 19th century by:
  17. which of the following could be included in the contributions of Franz Boas to anthropology:
  18. as described by Eric Wolf, the foundation of Anthropology in the 19th century involved emphasis on
  19. related to its 19th century history in breaking with the other social sciences, anthropology emphasizes
  20. participant observation is
  21. Bronislow Malinowski is credited with
  22. Noam Chomsky presented a theory about language that
  23. anthropological linguistics and linguistic relativism, like cultural relativism, teaches us that
  24. the Sapire-Whorf hypothesis
  25. the description of hte Nacirema by Miner
  26. rules of descent
  27. the caste system in india is an example of
  28. medical practices in our "western" society
  29. pharmaceutical companies can earn the greatest profits from
  30. incest taboo in a society define
  31. the economic organization of a society as defined by anthropologists can include
  32. Spradly and McCurdy make an arguemnt that kinship system or the principles used to organize humans into groups for cooperation was key in our
  33. Marvin Harris in "Life without Chiefs" outlines a set of ideal types of societal organization. These are:
  34. the situation and understanding of the cuase of Sita's seizures in Taraka's Ghost demonstrate
  35. Marvin Harris in his article "Life without Chiefs" based on comparing the political organizations of societies through time rejects that
  36. Fuentes and Ehrenreich in their investigations tracing hte escaltion of "off-shore sourcing" and its effect on women found that factories preferred women for the workforce becuase they were more docile and accepting of authroity and more willing to do bor
  37. the dicovery that many cultures, such as the Hopi, have different concepts of time and space was an impetus for work on the relationship between language, throught, and cutlure by Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf
  38. Participant Observation includes:
  39. Observation of participation includes:
  40. anthropologists use the terms sex and gener interchangably

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