OTH Final Exam - Section Three Review

Review for the Old Testament History Final? What? Is that possible? Oh, yes it is! Here is a collection of possible multiple choice questions for the final exam. I hope this helps you!

Each quiz is a collection of multiple choice questions from both quizzes and the exam of a particular section. And, I believe, we were given four exams, so there should be four quizzes.

Created by: Michelle

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  1. What did a Levite do with his dead concubine in the last chapters of Judges?
  2. What time period did Ruth live in?
  3. What tribe fought against the other tribes of Israel in the last chapters of Judges?
  4. Who chose soldiers for a mission by seeing which men knelt to drink water and then lapped the water with their tongues like a dog?
  5. Who was the judge who stabbed king Eglon of Moab?
  6. Who was the Moabite woman who was an ancestor of David?
  7. How long did David reign over Israel in Jerusalem?
  8. Instead of killing him, David cut off a corner of the robe of what man?
  9. What city was occupied by the Jebusites prior to it being captured, and then became known as the City of David?
  10. Where was the center for worship before David took Jerusalem?
  11. Who took a spear and a water jug from Saul as he slept?
  12. Whom did David receive as his wife after he killed Goliath?
  13. From where did the great cedars for the temple construction come?
  14. Solomon held a great feast to celebrate what event?
  15. To whom did God appear in a dream and say, "Ask for whatever you want me to give you."? (And, God was pleased with his request and gave him wisdom.)
  16. When David was old, his son Adonijah set himself up as king. Who was one of the two people who notified David so he could appoint Solomon as king?
  17. Which of the following is not true about David? He...
  18. Which queen visited Solomon to test him with questions?
  19. Which son of David rebelled causing David to flee to Jerusalem and had sex with David's concubines?
  20. Who built the first Temple for the nation of Israel?
  21. This widow found a new husband and a new country, and her great-grandson become a king of the Jews.
  22. Who placed a fleece on a threshing floor to determine the Lord's will?
  23. How did the high priest who raised Samuel die?
  24. What Israelite king once prophesied with the prophets?
  25. What king of the Phoenicians did not challenge David in battle?
  26. What musical instrument did David play to soothe King Saul?
  27. When Ishbosheth became king over Israel, what tribe did David rule?
  28. Which king was from the tribe of Benjamin?
  29. Who, when the Philistines were about to capture him, killed himself with his own sword?
  30. What led Solomon astray?
  31. Who was the mother of King Solomon?
  32. Who told a riddle to his wedding guests?
  33. The prophet Nathan reproved King David because of his sin in taking what woman?
  34. This judge anointed Saul as king and also designated DAvid to be king. Who was he?
  35. Whom did Saul consult late in his life when threatened by the Philistine army?
  36. The Bible refers to King David having a daughter named...

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