LTU CompNet Final Exam

This quiz is for the Computer Networking class at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI. This is filler. This is filler. This is filler. This is filler.

Students must create one final and take the final created by three other students. This is filler. This is filler. This is filler. This is filler.

Created by: Wendy

  1. Which topology requires a central controller or hub?
  2. A television broadcast is an example of _______ transmission.
  3. When a host on network A sends a message to a host on network B, which address does the router look at?
  4. ________ is a type of transmission impairment in which the signal loses strength due to the resistance of the transmission medium.
  5. A _________ digital signal includes timing information in the data being transmitted.
  6. In _____ transmission, the carrier signal is modulated so that its amplitude varies with the changing amplitudes of the modulating signal.
  7. In ________, we combine signals from different sources to fit into a larger bandwidth.
  8. ______ cables carry data signals in the form of light.
  9. We can say that a packet switch has _______ types of components.
  10. A traditional cable TV network transmits signals ______.
  11. In cyclic redundancy checking, what is the CRC?
  12. Bit stuffing means adding an extra 0 to the data section of the frame when there is a sequence of bits with the same pattern as the ________.
  13. The maximum throughput for pure ALOHA is ________ per cent.
  14. _______ is the most widely used local area network protocol.
  15. Bluetooth is a _______ technology that connects devices (called gadgets) in a small area.
  16. A Bluetooth network is called a ________.

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