OTH Final Exam - Section Two Review

Review for the Old Testament History Final? What? Is that possible? Oh, yes it is! Here is a collection of possible multiple choice questions for the final exam. I hope this helps you!

SECTION TWO REVIEW - Each quiz is a collection of multiple choice questions from both quizzes and the exam of a particular section. And, I believe, we were given four exams, so there should be four quizzes.

Created by: Michelle Bass

  1. This sister of Aaron celebrated the destruction of Pharaoh's army by taking up a tambourine and leading the women in singing and dancing. Who was she?
  2. What did Moses have to do to insure victory over the Amalekites?
  3. What did Pharaoh stop giving the Israelites yet told them to continue making bricks anyway?
  4. What group of people were consecrated to the LORD as Israel left Egypt?
  5. What occupation was detestable to the Egyptians?
  6. What was the relation of Jethro to Moses?
  7. Who helped to save the Hebrew babies form Pharaoh's murderous plan?
  8. Who lead Israel's army in the battle against the Amalekites?
  9. Who was the spokesman for Moses
  10. Whose rod/staff became a snake when Moses first confronted Pharaoh?
  11. During which Jewish festival was yeast not eaten?
  12. God told the Israelites not to reap the edges of their fields of crops. Why?
  13. On what day was the high priest to enter the holy of holies to offer a sacrifice for the entire nation of Israel?
  14. On which day did the Lord not send manna to the Israelites?
  15. What are described in Leviticus 1-7?
  16. What did Moses carry down from Mount Sinai?
  17. Which of the 12 tribes of Israel was exempt from military service?
  18. Which of these is not one of the three types of law represented in the Torah
  19. Who did Moses ordain as the first high priest of Israel?
  20. In the Old Testament System, where would Israel approach "a Holy God"?
  21. At what city were the Israelites routed on their first attempt at conquest?
  22. How did Rahab come to know about YHWH?
  23. Which tribe received no land in the division of land?
  24. What was Rahab's occupation?
  25. Which body of water wad divided by Joshua?
  26. Which of these tribes is a trans-Jordan tribe?
  27. Who asked for a piece of land at Hebron for his descendants?
  28. Who kept spoils from Jericho for himself and incurred God's wrath? J
  29. Who said, "Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve..but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."?
  30. Whose bones are buried in the promised land at the end of the book of Joshua?
  31. The final plague upon Egypt was the death
  32. What did God give the Israelites to eat in the desert?
  33. Who sang the song that includes, "The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is his name. Pharaoh's chariots and his army he has hurled into the sea"?
  34. Whose bones did Moses take with him out of Egypt?
  35. Along with information, what did the spies to Canaan bring back to Moses?
  36. Which book is the narrative of 12 men who explore the land of Canaan and who return to Moses with their reports?
  37. Where did the Israelites refuse to enter the Promised Land because of the unfavorable report of the spies?
  38. Which tribe was not counted in Numbers 1?
  39. What river was the northern boundary of the promised land?
  40. Which of these tribes is a trans-Jordan tribe?
  41. Which tribe does Joshua settle in after the conquest?
  42. Which tribe was given land on both sides of the Jordan River?

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